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A New Dimension in Business Communications

With the technology available today, the list of business communications applications seems endless.  Call centers, computer telephony integration, e-mail, Internet access, ISDN, networking, voice mail and wireless may all be part of your communications system.  So, you need a system you can build a solid foundation on -- one that is prepared to handle the communications possibilities of the future.  That system is TRIAD --  a new digital platform that removes the complexity and takes you where you want to go.

The TRIAD family provides affordable, easy-to-use systems that start as small as 3 lines and 8 telephones and expand to 376 universal ports.  Best of all, if you outgrow our smaller system and need to upgrade to a larger system, your investment is protected, as all TRIAD telephones are compatible with the entire system family.

Compact, feature-rich and affordable with a flat-pack design -- the perfect starting point for the organization needing from 3 lines and 8 stations up to 12 lines and 32 digital stations.

Incorporates 4 slots for flexible configuration up to 78 ports and includes all the powerful features that come with larger systems.  This system can expand to 120 ports with the addition of 4 expansion slots.

Incorporates 11 slots and uses the same hardware platform as the TRIAD-1 with expansion capabilities to 120 ports to support larger applications.

The flagship system that supports up to 376 ports and provides maximum flexibility and expansion opportunities.

TRIAD Phones Are CTI-Enabled

Increase your productivity with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) now or in the future with Discovery Desktop or Discovery PC Phone.




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